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Home Communities Young Voices Essay competition 2008

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Young Voices in Research for Health 2008

Theme: Climate change and health: research challenges for vulnerable populations

The winners

  • Enrique Falceto de Barros, Brazil, Climate change in Brazil: is primary health care part of the solution?
  • Philippa Bird, UK, Climate change and mental ill-health: all in the mind?
  • Lester Sam Geroy, Philippines, The trees have grown again
  • Rhona Mijumbi, Uganda, Climate challenges: let us all return to Alma Ata
  • Marame Ndour, Senegal, Vers une initiative mondiale de sauvegarde face au changement climatique et pour la justice environnementale ?
  • Charles Salmen, USA, Rethinking health for our global organism: the obesity famine, rural infection and climate change