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Forum 7

Geneva, 2-5 December 2003

At its 2003 annual meeting, the Global Forum for Health Research called for an acceleration in the needed re-orientation of research towards the world’s key health priorities and the correction of the 10/90 gap.

Forum 7 gathered around 600 participants from 350 institutions in 104 countries. Participants represented governments, multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, international and national foundations and NGOs, women's organizations, research institutions and universities, the private sector and the media.

The programme featured ten plenary sessions, 46 parallel and special interest group sessions and some 50 market stalls. The work will be pursued in the coming year under each of the specific themes discussed in the plenary and parallel sessions by the respective institutions, networks and partnerships.

A summary of progress made in 2002 and 2003 in helping correct the 10/90 gap is given in The 10/90 Report on Health Research 2003-2004 , which was published in May 2004.