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Logo & Strapline description

In 2008, the Global Forum, in tandem with the company MCI, conducted a thorough repositioning study that resulted in a strong logo, compelling promise and consistent engagement, which you see reflected on this new web site.

Strong logo

Our logo stands for inclusiveness, global engagement, health and knowledge. It emphasizes our name, "Global Forum", as the Global Forum's personality is to engage funders, policy-makers and researchers from around the world, from all sectors, rich and poor countries alike, in an open and constructive dialogue. The aim is to enable evidence-based decisions that improve the health of all in an equitable way.

The movement in the logo reflects reaching out to embrace new ideas and people; joining forces for a common vision and closing the debate towards solutions. This in a continuous loop as health is a moving target.

The colour blue in general is seen as beneficial to the mind and body. The two different blue tones represent the diversity of engagements, points of view and backgrounds of the stakeholders in research and innovation for health and health equity. Light blue stands for health, healing and understanding; dark blue knowledge, integrity and the ability to make decisions.

Compelling promise

The new promise, "because health equity is a priority", reinforces the fact that the Global Forum's work is not a luxury but a necessity. Investing in the health of poor populations benefits everyone.

Consistent engagement

The new web site supports inclusive and open engagement. We hope that you already appreciate the interactive features, and there are more to come. They will allow you to engage, network and collaborate throughout the year and regularly stay tuned to new evidence, tools and intelligence.

We thank the individuals who participated in the repositioning study and all other partners, Forum participants, contributors to our publications and donors for their continuing commitment. With your support, the Global Forum will continue to promote innovative ways to tackle the persistent inequities in health through research.