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Civil Society Organizations awarded US$ 10,000

The Global Forum for Health Research together with the WHO Scientific Resource Group (SRG) on Equity Analysis and Research and the People's Health Movement (PHM) are very pleased to announce the four civil society organizations (CSOs) to be awarded with a grant of US$ 10,000 as the result from the call for research proposal from CSOs.

Selected CSOs and research proposals:

  • People's Association for Training and Health (PATH), India: “Evaluating a health promotion program for the urban poor in Mumbai: Challenges, lessons and the way forward”
  • Vietnam Public Health Association, Vietnam: “The inter-impacting between community-based health risk reduction programs and the improvements in individual health of the elderly through the participative actions of the Public Health Association”
  • Centro de Estudios para la Equidad y Gobernanza en Sistemas de Salud, Guatemala: “Empowering rural citizens to influence public health policy and resource allocation: Impact on equity in health care in Guatemala”
  • Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), Cameroon: “Testing the efficacy of consumer voice in improving district health governance”

A few additional proposals are likely to be funded during 2010; the organizers are in discussions with partners who are interested to support this exciting activity.

A total of 93 proposals from 53 countries had been received in May 2010 from the call for research proposals from civil society organizations (CSOs). These proposals have been reviewed by a selection panel constituted of members of the SRG, PHM Steering Committee and the Global Forum for Health Research.


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