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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timeline requirements imposed by the grant?

The research/evaluation can have already started by the time you apply. The research must have started by September 2010 and the final report needs to be completed by March 2012.

Are there any restrictions on the health conditions or outcomes to be included in the research (i.e. TB, HIV/AIDS, cancer)?

There is no restriction on the health conditions or outcomes to be included. However, the evaluated interventions need to address social, economic and/or political determinants of health and their impacts both on health outcomes and on health equity. These interventions often take place outside of the health sector, for example, in education, social welfare, agriculture, etc., among many others, or may be a combination of interventions such as in early childhood development programs. Some examples of high-priority research questions addressing action on social determinants of health are provided in the call.

What is the maximum amount of money available to support the research/evaluation work?

The maximum amount available through this competition is USD 10,000.

The USD 10,000 prize for the research/evaluation is only one component of the overall research project that I am undertaking. Should I only include the budget for the prize or for the total research project?

Please include the total budget for the research/evaluation component. If part of the budget is already funded and/or the research is currently being undertaken, please also note this in your application.

Would an initiative by a local government in cooperation with many stakeholders in the community be eligible?

Interventions need to be those implemented by civil society organizations (CSOs). An intervention that is a joint initiative between a local/national public authority and civil society organization(s) is therefore eligible and indeed encouraged. Please confirm that it is an official partnership with a CSO.

Are university lecturers eligible to apply?

University lecturers are eligible to apply as Principal Investigators if they also – in addition to their academic affiliation – formally belong to a CSO.

Is there a template/application form?

There is no template or application form. Please apply the following format stated in the call for proposals:

The application should not be longer than four pages or 2000 words, with the following outline:

  1. Intervention to be evaluated
  2. Methodology, including how equity impact (distribution of health) on the population will be assessed and what dimensions of equity will be examined
  3. How the results of the evaluation can be useful in other contexts
  4. Team members, affiliations, areas of expertise and contact details for the principal investigator
  5. Budget (USD) and timeline

The application can be completed in any of the official UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish). Submissions in other languages may be possible, please request in advance.

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