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Havana forum to feature social and technological innovation

Over 400 ideas for sessions, presentations and activities during Forum 2009 were contributed, following the Global Forum's call.

About 100 of these have been considered favourably by our reviewers as relevant to one of the 25 parallel sessions that are now in the draft programme overview.

These ideas have shaped thinking on the programme, helping to classify ideas into sub-themes. So within the broad framework of Innovating for the health of all, there will be five specific sub-themes or tracks currently called:

  • Incentives for innovation for health
  • Innovation for health: policies and practices
  • Knowledge transformation and inclusion
  • Special topics and case studies
  • Systems priorities.

The programme is made up of plenary sessions featuring inspirational thinkers, to start off each day, followed by exciting innovatively shaped panel discussions, roundtables, "fishbowls" and other interactive exchanges.

If you wish to take advantage of the number of participants present in Havana, consider more active opportunities such as Satellite meetings or the Marketplace.

Plan to join us in Havana in November.