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Health systems in perspective - An interview

30 April 2022

Téa Collins, Health Systems Specialist at the Global Forum for Health Research, was interviewed by a journalist from the Medical Confederation of Argentina.

The interview covered diverse topics, such as escalating health care costs around the world, aging of populations and strategies to deal with health systems’ issues.

On the question of the best health systems to provide universal coverage for the population in Argentina, Téa Collins stressed the danger of copying models from other regions. It is more useful for a country, she stated, to invest efforts into looking at what specific policies work for its population and different regions rather than replicating a system that “works” somewhere.

In a context where costs for health are increasing every day, Téa Collins also emphasized the need for governments to establish priorities; she underlined the importance of evidence-based policies and research in dealing with these issues.

Read the interview [in Spanish].


Read the interview [in Spanish]