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Health systems research: Evidence is needed for policy

Dr Tea Collins in Bangkok

The Global Forum for Health Research believes that responsive and high quality health systems are those that use research to inform decision-makers.

Dr Téa Collins, from the Global Forum, spoke at Global Health Information Forum and Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) in Bangkok, Thailand about the importance of health systems research in improving health outcomes.

The Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2010 and Global Health Information Forum (27-30 January 2010) provided stakeholders with a platform to renew commitments to invest in and build capacities for health information systems. The main message that sound information is the foundation for decision-making was reiterated in the ‘Call to Action’ on Health Information Systems.

Dr Collins, Head of the Research & Programme Unit and Senior Health Systems Specialist, also outlined in her presentation the challenges faced when measuring health systems performance. A PDF version is available in Resources.

The parallel session - titled 'Tracking Country Health Systems Performance' - also featured specific country-level studies to showcase health systems research.

As a member of the Secretariat of the First Global Symposium for Health Systems Research - being held 16-19 November 2010 in Montreux - the Global Forum will also be using this opportunity to hold consultations on a range of issues related to the Symposium. In particular, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation and in association with the Wellcome Trust, the Global Forum is undertaking a study on the state of health systems research globally. This research will identify the leading stakeholders, gaps in research areas, assess the level of global financing and increase the awareness of the importance of health systems research.

The Prince Mahidol Award Conference

The Prince Mahidol Award International Conference 2010 brought together leaders in public health and stakeholders from around the world to discuss high priority global health issues, summarize findings and propose concrete solutions. It aims to be an international forum that Global Health Institutes can co-own and use for advocacy and seek international input on important global health issues.

The First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

The First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research will be dedicated to improving the scientific evidence needed by health policy-makers and practitioners to inform their decisions related to accelerating universal health coverage. It will gather researchers, policy-makers, funders, and other stakeholders representing diverse constituencies will convene in Montreux, Switzerland, 16-19 November 2010 to share evidence, identify significant knowledge gaps, and set a research agenda that reflects the needs of low- and middle-income countries.


Dr Téa Collins Presentation

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