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New ways of engaging

Forum 2009 is composed of different types of sessions and activities. The multiplicity of types of “meeting opportunities” is deliberate and reflects the very nature of the Global Forum: catalytic, flexible, inclusive, bringing together many partners to contribute to all aspects of the discussion, a network of networks.

This year’s meeting represents a new direction for the Global Forum with a more concerted effort to engage with participants and provide a creative space for learning and knowledge creation. By gathering the world’s leaders in research for health and innovation, the Global Forum hopes to facilitate exchange and networking that will last long beyond Forum 2009; and to collect and synthesize the knowledge shared into valuable take-home messages.

Apart from traditional plenary sessions, which will allow world visionaries to share their understanding of innovating for the health of all, we are planning different types of sessions – or “un-sessions”. The Global Forum has been working closely with professional facilitators and session organizers and has come up with various session formats and methods of engaging ranging from fishbowls and lightning talks to conducive opportunities for networking and visits to research institutes.

Join us in Havana to share your experiences in health research and innovation, learn from a broad range of stakeholders, and make connections.