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The Global Forum for Health Research at the 63rd World Health Assembly (WHA)

EU presents its new global health policy framework at the WHA

The European Union should improve its collaborations with other global health regions, Professor Anthony Mbewu, Executive Director of The Global Forum told a World Health Assembly satellite meeting.
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Experts from Brazil, Thailand and South Africa joined representatives from the EU, the World Health Organization and Global Health Europe to discuss the new EU policy framework on “the EU Role in Global Health”.

Regarding research and evidence, Professor Mbewu pushed for the EU to do more on the social and economic determinants of health and to partner with developing countries on health promotion, social and behavioural research.

“Capacities need to be built, but don’t underestimate the capabilities developing countries have to conduct from basic research, all the way up through the research and development pipeline,” he said.

“Developing countries are not only just good for clinical trials.”

The session – chaired by Ilona Kickbusch, chair of the Global Health Europe Task Force – was held at the 63rd World Health Assembly, which closes today (May 21). Discussions on the global health policy will continue in Brussels 10-11 June where the Commission will be hosting a high level event. The Global Forum for Health Research will also be attending and reporting back from this conference.

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