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Twenty Years of Addressing the “10/90 Gap”

Global Forum experts joined the Harvard School of Public Health and partners to commemorate the launch of a revolutionary report by the Commission on Health Research for Development.

Released in 1990, ‘Health Research: Essential Link to Equity in Development’ report projected a new vision of the worldwide health research system: where national and transnational networks of scientific groups work together to address both national and global health problems.

The Report also contributed to the formation of the Global Forum for Health Research, as one of its recommendations called for “an international mechanism to monitor progress and to promote financial and technical support of the health problems of developing countries.”

Two decades later, Professor Anthony Mbewu spoke about the Global Forum’s role in reforming the institutional architecture of global health research, focusing on the launch of the Forum’s seven successful international research partnerships.

The global health research system, both in the public and private sector, has grown significantly and will continue with advances in knowledge and technological developments.

But challenges still remain: research gaps need to be identified, investments in priority health problems must be monitored and sound scientific evidence used in policy and practice. This is where the Global Forum will continue to play a leading role.