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Press releases


Report Card - press release (Spanish) 174.54 kB
Report Card - press release (En) 174.29 kB
Press release, Forum 2009 (Spanish) 113.59 kB
Press release, Forum 2009 (En) 111.05 kB
Voces de jóvens 2009 comunicado de prensa 91.92 kB
Young Voices 2009 press release 85.98 kB
Voix des Jeunes 2009 communiqué de presse 208.22 kB


Journée mondiale pour la santé 61.82 kB
World Health Day 37.26 kB
First Latin American Conference on Research & Innovation for Health (English) 625.84 kB
First Latin American Conference on Research & Innovation for Health (Spanish) 625.98 kB


Malaria product portfolio would benefit from greater cohesion amongst stakeholders 77.63 kB
Young Voices 2007 press release | English 48.97 kB
Young Voices 2007 press release | Français 48.88 kB
World Mental Health Day: Global Forum calls for more research 38.44 kB
Global Forum for Health Research background 39.65 kB
800 participants from 80 countries participating in 60 sessions 42.32 kB
Governments fail to invest adequately in basic health systems 33.33 kB
Rise in disparities in health outcomes despite China's spectacular growth, said an expert 32.68 kB
Call for a "master plan" to make drugs accessible to the poor 30.28 kB
Research on Determinants of Health Equity 32.58 kB
Il faut lutter contre l'exploitation par le Nord de la recherche réalisée dans les pays en développement, a affirmé Walter Fust à Pékin 31.19 kB
Globalization and Health 53.90 kB
Global Health for Research Forum closes with prescription for the future 27.96 kB


Behind the global numbers: the real costs of research for health 40.01 kB
Young Voices 2006 press release | English 43.03 kB
Young Voices 2006 press release | Français 45.13 kB


Agencies agree on closer cooperation for health research for development 17.38 kB
A Major International Meeting in Mumbai on Health Research 43.54 kB
India Strengthens Health Research 43.00 kB
The Big Picture: Global initiatives address poverty, equity and health research 33.38 kB
More Sex Research Wanted Urgently 31.58 kB
Global Health Research Conference Tackles Child and Maternal Health 29.49 kB
Innovative Developing Countries Inject Hope for Future of Health Research 37.45 kB


Road Safety is No Accident (April 2004) 57.00 kB
A quiet revolution is taking place in world health research 22.44 kB
A change of leadership 32.53 kB
Breaking the vicious circle of poverty and ill health 24.24 kB
More money for health research but better focused 29.24 kB
The mostly preventable deaths of mothers and babies 21.56 kB
Thailand shows the way 18.57 kB
Disabled people and mainstream development 21.93 kB
Poverty, equity and health research 25.74 kB
Progress in health but inequities grow 18.97 kB


The globalization of noncommunicable diseases 24.04 kB
Gender blindness or gender sensitivity 20.08 kB
Health research: a potent potential for developing country economies and the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals 23.12 kB
Global Forum calls for a re-orientation of research towards the world's key health priorities 19.96 kB


Corregir el desequilibrio 10/90 en investigación en salud 22.23 kB
Corriger le déséquilibre dans la recherche en santé 30.20 kB
Narrowing the Gap in Health Research Funding 21.18 kB
An Unnoticed Public Health Disaster (August 2002) 21.72 kB
Financial flows: spending on health research rises sharply 32.98 kB
From test tubes to advocacy 37.57 kB
Reducing Road Traffic Accidents with Reflectors 19.46 kB
Rhetoric or Real Dollars to Solve the Global Health Crisis? 20.74 kB
Health Research Gets a Boost in Africa 20.14 kB
Sexual Bias in Health Care and Health Research 22.17 kB
Escaping from the vicious cycle of poverty and ill health 23.97 kB
Health research gathering beneath the snows of Kilimanjaro 30.74 kB


10/90 Report on Health Research 2000 20.78 kB


10/90 Report on Health Research 1999 23.11 kB