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Setting research priorities in occupational health - A symposium report


Evidence on neglected research priorities


Swanson, Kathlene C.
Olifson, Sylvie


developing countries, equity, informal work, low- and middle-income countries, occupational health, precarious workers, priority setting, research, safety and health at work








Millions of the world’s workers bear unacceptably high levels of workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses. In addition, informal work entails no protective legislation and no social security. Nevertheless, “precarious workers” are neglected in much of the research on occupational safety and health, and few resources have been dedicated to addressing the research gaps.

This report is based on the symposium “Research priorities for interventions on safety and health at work”, which was organized and sponsored by the Global Forum for Health Research and held on 30 June 2022 during the XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Seoul, Korea.

The report
• discusses priority areas for research to improve worker’s health and health equity, particularly in the informal sector and in low- and middle-income countries;

• examines different methods for establishing priorities and conducting research in occupational health;

• considers ways of translating research findings into policy and action, including cross-sector partnerships to promote better on-the-job safety.