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Translation guidelines

The Global Forum for Health Research actively encourages the spreading of its own publications and the commissioned work. Contact us to request permission to translate a Global Forum publication in the following ways and with the following reservations:

1. Any individual or organization may approach the Global Forum with a proposal to translate all or part of a publication into their working language, preferably for broader distribution of the scientific content.

Similarly the Global Forum may encourage a contributor to publish a direct translation or adaptation of a text published by us in another language and/or in a peer-reviewed journal.

While resources are not available to produce translations of all Global Forum publications, we are interested in providing summaries or synopses in different languages, as appropriate. For example, the executive summary of "Health Care Financing" has been translated from English to Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

2. We distinguish two main types of translation:
(a) ‘unofficial’: that permits citation in the author’s own language of a (usually) shortish text or extract
(b) ‘official’: that amounts to a publication.

3. ‘Unofficial’ translations (usually short texts or excerpts, for individual use)
Permission is usually automatically given, with the simple requirement that the author acknowledges the original work, giving the publication details of the original version by the Global Forum, and records that permission has been granted.

4. ‘Official’ translations
The Global Forum is eager to collaborate with other organizations who want to produce translations of our publications – whether to publish them separately for non-commercial purposes, to co-publish or simply produce a high quality translation for publication by the Global Forum.

Questions of ISBN numbering, recommendation citation of the translation, promotion and distribution strategies, web site posting, etc. need to be taken into account.

5. The Global Forum needs to see and approve before any photocopying, printing and/or (electronic) distribution of the translation takes place:

  • the proposed covers (back, front, inside and outside)
  • the 'copyright' page
  • the title page
  • acknowledgements.

6. The Global Forum asks to see the full text of the translation when laid out but does not undertake to check or approve its veracity, except for the correct use of the Global Forum's name and logo. Responsibility for the quality of the translation rests with the partner organization.

7. Similarly, if the partner organization is responsible for the printing/production of the translation, the Global Forum cannot be responsible for proofreading the text.

8. Any material added to the original document – such as a preface or foreword (for example, to explain the need for or purpose of the translation) or new acknowledgement – must be approved by the Global Forum.

9. The Global Forum would like to be able to use an electronic version of the printed translation (a PDF file) on its web site and to include it in its annual CD-ROM of publications. The partner organization will be asked to agree to this and to submit a final electronic file at the time of printing.

10. In addition, the Global Forum would like to receive a specified number of printed copies.

11. The partner organization will inform the Global Forum of its distribution of the translation.

12. The Global Forum for Health Research is an officially registered name. It should be given in full at first mention in any publication, followed by an approved translation. Following mentions can use 'Global Forum' in translation. No acronym is to be used.
Approved name in Spanish: Foro Mundial para la Investigación en Salud.

13. The term '10/90 gap' and its translation is to be used in inverted commas.

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