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We all benefit from investing in research and innovation to improve health and health equity:

1. Longer lives, better quality of live

When the fruits of research have been applied to health problems, including in low- and middle-income countries, the benefits of these innovations have been dramatic. On average, people live longer and healthier lives thanks to more widespread access in the 20th century to better medicines, safe water, sanitation, food and education among other things. But determinants of health such as climate change, lifestyles and population ageing are changing. So we must remain vigilant and constantly invest in new research to create better health for all.

2. Excellent return on investment

Low- and middle-income countries such as Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, India, South Africa and Thailand have demonstrated that investing in research and innovation goes hand in hand with better health and economic growth. Furthermore, high-income countries benefit from socio-economic growth in poorer regions of the world, too.

3. Global security and well-being

Poor populations and weak health systems are particularly vulnerable to disease outbreaks, conflicts and natural disasters, which negatively impact on health. But in a globalizing world, high-income countries cannot isolate themselves from health threats that know no borders. Hence, investing in research to improve the health of poor populations benefits everyone.