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Core functions

To improve priorities, increase coherence and expand the use of evidence, the Global Forum assists, links and influences decision-makers in funding, research and policy.

1. Assist

The Global Forum provides sound, reliable and impartial evidence and practical tools, which focus on proven methodologies, solutions, case studies, lessons learnt and good practices. It helps identify and stimulate attention to priority research agendas. Furthermore, it operates as a watchdog on research for health and health equity, gathering intelligence on global issues and trends.

2. Link

The Global Forum engages a critical mass of actors in research for health, including current and future decision-makers in a cross-boundary dialogue leading to comprehensive rather than piecemeal solutions. It catalyses and convenes coalitions within and across sectors, disciplines and geographical borders to innovate and synergise efforts.

3. Influence

The Global Forum uses the strong voice of its constituencies to influence high-level individuals and groups that shape, fund and implement global research agendas. It does so through its annual forums, face-to-face meetings and a variety of media - in an evidence-based and forceful way to bring about changes in the priorities, resources and policies so they benefit the health of poor populations.