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Young Voices in Research for Health 2008: Climate change and health: research challenges for vulnerable populations - Individual articles.

Table of Contents


Introduction in English

Introduction en français

Introducción en español

Introdução em portugues

Silent danger lurks in water
Ida Ansharyani, Indonesia

Vectors are symptomatic of the disease of this planet
Victor Gustavo Arias Ledesma, Mexico

The torch of climate change
Linda Arnade, USA

Climate change as a chronic disease: research challenges for the health of vulnerable communities
Packiaraj Asirvatham, India

If only we knew
Kheyal Azam Khalil, Pakistan

*Climate change in Brazil: is primary health care part of the solution?
Enrique Falceto de Barros, Brazil

Climate change and human health research: facing global health inequity
Jacob Bell, USA

Changements globaux, défis locaux: l'efficacité des stratégies globales en question
Raquel Bertoldo, Brazil

Climate change and health: research challenges for vulnerable populations
Nandita Bhan, India

*Climate change and mental ill-health: all in the mind?
Philippa Bird, United Kingdom

A healing tradition: reclaiming the seal hunt in the face of colonization and melting ice
Herbert Bonifacio, Canada

Questioning climate change's brave new world and addressing the historical roots of health vulnerability
Ben Brisbois, Canada

La vulnérabilité de naître humain: le retour en force d'une notion extincte
Claire Élise Burdet, Canada

Climate change and health: research challenges for vulnerable populations?
Dziedzom De Souza, Ghana

Climate change mitigation policies: another source of health inequalities?
Divya Dhar, New Zealand

Climate change and health: research challenges in vulnerable mountainous countries like Nepal
Meghnath Dhimal, Nepal

*The trees have grown again
Lester Sam Geroy, Philippines

Climate change and health: research on vulnerable groups or research for vulnerable groups?
Victoria Hall, United Kingdom

Bridging the research-policy gap: the chief challenge for addressing health effects of climate change in Bangladesh
David Heller, USA

Global climate change, industry and vulnerable populations-an intersection of the three in the circumpolar region
Aliea Herbert, USA

Global health advocacy for evidence-informed climate change policies that aim to protect the world's most vulnerable people
Steven Justin Hoffman, Canada

Addressing climate change and its health impact: is it one of the priority agendas in developing countries?
Amjad Idries, Sudan

A blurred vision
Stephen Kariuki, Kenya

High-tech, low-tech and back-to-basics solutions for health research
Henry Ko, Australia

Every life is precious: an equitable agenda for health research on climate change
Namrata Kotwani, India

The dismantling of public health infrastructure: a natural disaster?
Daniel Lopez-Cevallos, Ecuador

Climate and infectious disease: a question of vectors
Robert McSweeney, United Kingdom

*Climate challenges: let us all return to Alma Ata
Rhona Mijumbi, Uganda

Resuscitating Mumbai from sickness, slums and calamities to secure social capital
Amita Mukhopadhyay, India

*Vers une initiative mondiale de sauvegarde face au changement climatique et pour la justice environnementale ?
Marame Ndour, Sénégal

The Caribbean and global warming: too small to face such a big problem
Llemar Nicholson, Jamaica

Food: the real public health issue of the future
Igembe Nkandala, United Republic of Tanzania

Facts and figures: the difficulties of quantifying the health impacts of climate change and the value of doing so
Sophie North, United Kingdom

Degenerating environmental and climatic problems of the Niger Delta and associated health problems: a synopsis
Osamwonyi Obasogie, Nigeria

Climate change and nutrition: health research must adapt quickly to meet the problem
Sant-Rayn Pasricha, Australia

The climate of mental health after natural disaster: a picture of incomplete health
Tiffany Pennick-Walters, USA

The unnecessary dichotomy
David Edward-Ooi Poon, Canada

*Rethinking health for our global organism: the obesity famine, rural infection and climate change
Charles Salmen, USA

Before the ice melts: global warming and its impact on the dynamics and ecology of neglected tropical diseases
Daniel Savignon-Marinho, Brazil

Climate change affects the Andean people's right to health
Renzo Sotomayor, Peru

Capacity of developing country governments when facing the effects of climatic change in vulnerable populations
Kirvis Janneth Torres Poveda, Colombia

Climate change and health research: towards the empowerment of developing nations
Wan Raihana Wan Aasim, Malaysia

* Essay winners