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HR4D-net discussion list

Health Research for Development (HR4D-net) is an open platform for discussion by current HR4D-net members and all others interested in research and innovation for health. In light of the Global Forum’s new ways of engaging, the listserv will shortly migrate to the Global Forum’s website. Please check this space in the coming months as we build upon the listserv and release the new HR4D blog, which promises to tap into the depth of knowledge on health research for development that stretches the globe and all sectors.

HR4D-net continues to be a vehicle for discussions to prepare for annual Forums. Forum 2009 on Innovating for the health of all aims to improve understanding both of social and technological innovation in the global health community and of policies that create a conducive environment for innovation to improve health and health equity.

In Cairo and Beijing and for the 2008 Global Ministerial Forum on Research for Health in Bamako, discussions on HR4D-net provided valuable input to the Forums. HR4D-net is a discussion list that was set up in 2006 as collaboration between the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) and the Global Forum for Health Research. A special thanks to Fred Bukachi and Neil Pakenham-Walsh, members of the Global Healthcare Information Network (GHI-net), for moderating the list until 2009.

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To join the current discussion list moderated by GHI-net, send an email to:

In the body of your request, please say you would like to join HR4D-net and add a few lines about yourself:

  1. the organization for which you work,
  2. the country in which you are based,
  3. brief description of your professional interests.

Your message will be used as the basis for your HR4D-net profile. This profile will be added to the end of any messages that you may send, unless you request otherwise.

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