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Annual reviews

2007 Annual Review: Catalysing innovative solutions for the health of the poor

May 2008. 28 pages. ISBN 978-2-940401-07-9

2007 has been an extremely productive and strategic year for the Global Forum for Health Research. It has provided new evidence, tools and discussion forums for decision-makers in research funding and policy to improve the health of the poor everywhere through research.

In particular, the Global Forum helped

  • identify research gaps and promote their closure to enhance health equity
  • set research priorities that meet the health needs of the poor and marginalized
  • identify and eliminate social biases in research for health
  • make effective, efficient and equitable investments in research and development
    for health
  • strengthen research capacity.

This Annual Review 2007 describes the challenges the Global Forum is tackling to enhance health equity through research and the progress made in 2007.


2006 Review: Innovating for better health

May 2007. 28 pages. ISBN 2-940286-52-3

The theme of innovation was given considerable attention globally during 2006 and featured strongly in a number of activities of the Global Forum for Health Research, including Forum 10 – the 2006 annual meeting held in Cairo, Egypt.

The Global Forum also adopted innovative approaches in a number of areas in its own work during the year, seeking always fresh ways to increase the visibility and impact of its messages and to enhance its engagement with its key target audiences. In particular, the Global Forum reinforced its approach to research for health. The research spectrum includes not only biomedical research but also health policy and systems research, social and behavioural sciences research and operational research. Beyond and alongside this, the Global Forum emphasizes the need for research to understand both the conditions that help to create and sustain health, as well as the importance of an inclusive approach to research, setting of research priorities and research agendas.


2005 Review: Focusing research to improve global health

2006. 32 pages. ISBN 2-940286-46-9

The Global Forum for Health Research focuses on evidence-informed advocacy work, targeting cogent arguments to various audiences - governments, donor and development agencies, research institutes and research councils, the private sector and the media and engaging with them in constructive exchange to promote research to improve the health of the poor. How the Global Forum has performed as an advocate of change, mainly during the course of 2005, is the subject of this publication.



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