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Tracking investments in R&D for health

Data on investments in R&D for health are indicators of current research priorities, overlaps, gaps and trends. As efforts to address the health needs of the poor are evolving, tracking these regularly is vital to make sure resources are used better: in more efficient, effective and equitable ways.

Yet, few countries have developed a machinery to regularly collect, analyse and synthesize vital health data. According to WHO, two thirds of deaths go unregistered in the world. Similarly, few countries have the capacity to collect data on investments in R&D for health and to utilize this data to help guide future investment priorities.

"In the absence of sound evidence, we will have no good way to compel efficient investments in health systems."

Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization at Forum 11

The Global Forum for Health Research is the only organization that has developed a sophisticated estimation methodology to regularly track and report on the world's investments in R&D for health.