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To have the greatest impact on health and health equity, the Global Forum focuses on three priority areas:

Priority 1: Linking investments with priorities for research for health

The Global Forum is the only organization that regularly tracks the world's investments in R&D for health to identify research priorities, overlaps, gaps and trends. It works with stakeholders to set research agendas in neglected priority areas and then identifies research gaps and promotes their closure through appropriate funding.


…it is vital to track R&D investments regularly and establish priority research agendas to make sure that resources are used better: in more efficient, effective and equitable ways.

Priority 2: Increasing the role of research in support of effective and equitable health systems

The Global Forum catalyses research on policy-making and practice at the global level that impact on health systems development; promotes more attention to policy and systems research supporting the development of effective and equitable health systems; and stimulates attention to the linkages between poverty, equity and health systems.


…evidence is essential to ensure that health systems are well-organized, sustainable and provide equitable access to effective health interventions.

Priority 3: Strengthening innovation for health in low- and middle-income countries

The Global Forum strengthens technological and social innovation to build more effective, efficient and equitable health systems. Innovation is essential for all countries, and all countries can innovate.


… innovation is a vital driver of development, as underlined in the Millennium Development Goals and demonstrated by innovative developing countries such as Brazil, China, India and South Africa.