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Who are we?

Welcome to Global Forum Health – Your source for simplified health science and customised guidance to unlock your full potential for fitness, well-being and energised life.

Global Forum Health is a network of fitness professionals that includes physicians, nutritionists, and dieticians, all of whom are fitness enthusiasts themselves. We scour the latest medical findings, apply them in our own lives, and only preach what actually works.

Our aim is to provide our readers with the best diet, exercise, and supplementation knowledge. And to make simple and effective recommendations to utilise it.

We distil the findings of clinical research into digestible articles. Even if you are not well-versed in medical terminologies, you can now understand the concepts like an expert. This empowers you with the knowledge about the correct exercises, diets, and supplements for you.

Global Forum Health’s diverse team members bring their unique experiences to the table and collectively we aim to make achieving health and fitness goals enjoyable for you.

Our Guarantee

At Global Forum Health (globalforumhealth.org), we deliver evidence-based information and recommendations about health and fitness. We cross-verify multiple studies from reputable medical journals before recommending any product, diet plan, or exercise regime. We take pride in sharing effective healthcare tips that do not compromise your safety.

Our team is relentless in their effort to be up-to-date. Our strict due diligence policy ensures that you get clinically backed health and fitness recommendations. Our practical experience makes us one of the most trustworthy health and fitness websites.

This means that you can have faith in our publications as there are honest people working hard behind the scenes to experiment with various diets, exercise plans, and supplement stacks in order to eliminate the junk and bring you the soundest advice possible.

Global Forum Health have been doing this for several years and we have no plans of letting up. Science is always advancing, and so is our team’s knowledge. We invite you to join us as we strive to understand our bodies better.

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Where Does Global Forum For Health Source Information From?

Global Forum For Health (globalforumhealth.org) sources information from renowned sources that supply transparent information. We rely on the results of clinical trials published in leading medical journals. We do not believe in parroting sensational healthcare advice found on blogs. And if we do product reviews, we scrutinise the manufacturer’s marketing spiel by cross-verifying their claims against our sources.

Some of the sources of information trusted by our own highly qualified editors are Healthline, Harvard Health, PubMed, Mayo Clinic.

How Our Editorial Policy Sets Us Apart

We wish to be one of the most trusted names in healthcare information and education. We don’t take any chances with our own health, and neither should you. All the information we share through Global Forum Health (globalforumhealth.org) is 100% unbiased, factual, clinically backed, vetted by experts, and feasible for almost everyone.

Global Forum Health (globalforumhealth.org) does the grunt work for you. We ignore the flowery words of influencers claiming the benefits of various diets, supplements, and workout plans and try to find scientific evidence that supports it. Whatever does not meet our stringent standards, gets culled.

The result? A website that finally shows you the grain of truth, and then empowers you to use it wisely. Join our community and take control of your health right away!

Evidence-Based Information, Easy to Access and Understand

Plenty of jargon gets thrown around in the health and fitness industry these days. Influencers and influential websites built on shaky foundations have fooled millions of people for years. Global Forum Health (globalforumhealth.org) wants to change that for good.

We are a part of the new wave of educational websites that stick to the facts. We have no affiliation with any brand or personality that promotes useless information. If a diet plan, workout regimen, or dietary supplement is scientifically proven to be effective, safe, and viable for a normal person to implement, we proudly promote it. All the while, explaining every aspect in a digestible manner.