Thanks for visiting the privacy policy of Global Forum Health (, your trusted source for reliable health and wellness information. We strive to provide insightful information about health and fitness, dietary supplements, medicinal research, and more to empower you on your wellness journey.

Our privacy policy exclusively applies to Global Forum Health ( and encompasses all the content available on our platforms and associated entities. These are the four key areas we’ll dive into:

  1. The type of information Global Forum Health and its partners collect.
  2. How Global Forum Health uses this data.
  3. Our gathering, storing, and sharing methods.
  4. How we protect personal data.

Data Accumulation

These are some of the types of information we gather from visitors to our site:

Individual details: Global Forum Health ( captures your name, email, residential address, date of birth, gender, zip code, marital status, and additional geographic details. This is mainly used when accessing specific products unavailable everywhere so that we might advertise according to location correctly. Data may also be collated when you use a product or create an account.

Online behaviour: This encompasses details on users’ online navigation habits, such as web search histories, browsing behaviours, and interactions with advertisements, web content, and other digital media.

Economic details: We only capture financial information when you purchase a product or service featured in our content or on our platform. This includes bank details, debit or credit card numbers, and other financial details.

Shared data: We may collect personal details from any content you upload or share, such as comments, likes, preferences, pictures, user IDs, and references to your online identity.

Feedback information: If you offer feedback or ask for assistance, we might compile details like your name and email, along with any other information to address your needs. This collection is driven by our commitment to address and understand your feedback or issues.

Third-party information: There might be instances where you share information about other individuals, maybe when suggesting a product to a friend or subscribing to a newsletter. We may leverage this information to enhance the accessibility of our offerings to the referred parties.

Subscription data: If you opt into any of our newsletters, we record details such as your name, email, and mailing address.

Career-related data: Includes information related to your professional background and job preferences.

Device information: To ensure you receive appropriate alerts, we collect certain device-related details like its operating system and unique ID. We can also obtain data from your devices that detect parameters like sound, illumination, temperature, or aroma.

Data Utilization

Here’s what we do with the information we gather:

Suggest content and products tailored to your personal preferences and activities.
Identify when you’re engaged with our platforms, services, and products by using tracking technology like cookies.

Process payments associated with your use of services when a fee is involved. This includes verifying your identity or authenticating payment credentials for safety purposes.
Ensure services are available in your area to complete orders via our platform and our partners.

Deliver promotional content for our services, adhere to legal standards, and highlight our products, services, offers, market insights, or other promotional endeavours.

Communicate updates to our agreements, account details, renewing subscriptions, and address inquiries related to support, employment opportunities, or other specific needs.
We present you with personalized ads on our platform based on your online behaviour to refine our advertising approach. Through the ‘Cookie Settings’ option on our sites, you can adjust preferences for personalized ads.

Monitor, upgrade, and analyze our platforms and advertising products.
Validate eligibility for competitions, giveaways, or monetary rewards. Also, notify you of any winnings. If data from your entry is used differently, it will be mentioned in the relevant contest terms.

Facilitate social media engagement, including real-time feeds, and enable whatever Social Features you opt for.

Maintain the security and integrity of our services and foster our ongoing relationships.
Potentially prompt you to ask if you’d like to stay updated on events or promotions through push notifications. Such apps might also ask for permissions, like accessing your camera or photos.

Identify security issues, comply with legal obligations, establish or defend our rights, and safeguard against lawsuits. Also, to oversee, prevent, or address any irregularities.
Defend against malicious, fraudulent, or unauthorized activities and ensure adherence to our guidelines, procedures, and service terms.

Personal Data Safeguarding

We fully understand the importance of cyber security. For this reason, Global Forum Health ( has put vigorous security protocols in place to prevent accidental mishandling, loss, modification, exposure, or unauthorized access to your personal data.

Only our employees, business collaborators, government bodies, legal representatives, and trusted service providers with genuine requirements are granted access to certain specifics of your data. They are required by law to adhere to our guidelines and manage your information with the utmost security.

In the event of any suspicious breaches concerning personal data, Global Forum Health’s ( security division will take immediate action. If legally obligated, we will notify both you and the appropriate regulatory bodies of such breaches.

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