Top Health & Medical News Websites List 2023

Top Health & Medical News Websites List

In the digital age, staying current with the latest medical news and research is critical for both medical professionals and the general public. However, the sheer volume of health-related content online can make finding trustworthy sources overwhelming.

To help cut through the noise, we’ve carefully curated a list of authoritative medical news sites. Our recommendations cover a diverse range of news websites that feature from breaking news to in-depth investigations. However, all the news sites we listed have high standards for accuracy, credibility, and reader value.

Whether you’re looking to stay on top of new treatments, understand a diagnosis, or simply quench your curiosity about health, these sites deliver reliable, up-to-date information you can trust. Read on for the top online destinations to get your medical news fix.

Essential Sites for Medical Professionals


Medscape Essential Sites for Medical Professionals

Medscape should be a go-to for any medical professional. This comprehensive site covers the latest research, clinical trial results, conference coverage, and more. Users can look up drugs and earn free CME credits.

While anyone can access basic content, Medscape encourages users to create a free account to unlock personalized features like speciality-specific newsletters. The site is available in 5 languages to serve an international audience.

News-Medical Life Sciences

For those seeking an authoritative hub for both medical and life sciences news, News-Medical Life Sciences delivers. The site makes digging into specialities easy with categorized sections. Users can also look up specifics like diseases, lab equipment, and drugs via a handy search bar.

An extensive library of whitepapers, interviews, and videos ensures both depth and breadth. Users can even customize email newsletters based on their interests.


Professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve on medical technology and devices should bookmark Medgadget. This site offers the latest innovations from the bleeding edge of healthcare tech.

With editors around the globe, Medgadget provides truly global coverage. Users can further customize their experience by creating a free account to receive tech news alerts.


The BMJ Essential Sites for Medical Professionals

As the world’s oldest medical journal, The BMJ has earned its reputation for expert analysis and research originals. Users will find a wealth of peer-reviewed studies spanning every medical discipline.

But The BMJ offers more than studies. This site provides news, career resources, learning tools, and more. The BMJ also takes clear editorial stands, advocating for issues like mitigating climate change and improving patient experience.

Stanford Medicine

Stanford Medicine Essential Sites for Medical Professionals

Unsurprisingly, Stanford Medicine offers top-notch medical content. Users can access the latest news and groundbreaking research from Stanford’s prestigious medical school. The site makes it easy to find published papers from specific thought leaders.

Stanford Medicine also provides educational programs for professionals looking to advance their skills. Users can even donate to support Stanford’s clinical mission and pediatric health initiatives.


Healio should top any list of sites for medical news and education. The site’s rich content library targets physicians and health specialists. Users can easily filter articles, news, and training materials by speciality.

Healio also operates leading publications for major medical fields. Users can browse current issues from major journals like Healio Primary Care, Healio Cardiology, and more. Staying current across specialities is easy with email newsletters tailored to your interests.

Trustworthy Medical News for General Readers

Medical News Today

Medical News Today makes reliable health journalism accessible to general readers. The site’s commitment to accuracy shines through in its meticulous fact-checking and medical review process.

Content runs the gamut from breaking health news to deep dives into specific conditions. Digestible writing ensures complex topics get clear, engaging treatment. Users can also sign up for free newsletters that summarize the day’s top headlines.

Medical Xpress

Medical Xpress Trustworthy Medical News for General Readers

Medical Xpress provides comprehensive health and medical coverage for inquisitive readers. The site draws news from its network of prestigious partner publications to deliver an unmatched breadth of coverage.

Categorized sections make finding the latest information on particular health issues intuitive. Users can also customize email alerts based on specific interests like cardiology, neuroscience, or paediatrics.


Readers looking for clear, consumer-friendly explanations of medical topics should bookmark MedlinePlus. This site, run by the National Library of Medicine, breaks down complex health concepts into easily digestible forms.

In addition to explaining diseases and wellness issues, MedlinePlus offers guidance on medications, treatments, and healthy living. The site is an authoritative reference accessible to non-experts.

World Health Organization

World Health Organization Trustworthy Medical News for General Readers

When it comes to global public health issues, there’s no better source than the World Health Organization. This agency of the United Nations provides essential news and guidance about health crises and infectious diseases.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the site has offered critical updates and sound advice. Content runs the gamut from data-rich reports to easy-to-grasp explainers on reducing transmission.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Along with the WHO, the CDC is a go-to resource for emerging health threats. This U.S. federal agency delivers authoritative guidance on disease prevention, travel health, vaccines, and preparedness.

During health crises like COVID-19 or foodborne illness outbreaks, the CDC provides updates and smart precautions for minimizing risk. But the site also offers a wealth of resources for living a healthier lifestyle.

Targeted Medical News Resources


BMA Trustworthy Medical News for General Readers

The British Medical Association offers an unparalleled online knowledge base for professionals. Members gain access to e-books, journals, and periodicals covering every medical speciality.

However, the BMA provides more than academic resources. The site also delivers guidance about relocating to practice medicine in the U.K., including projected salaries, pensions, and hours.


For investigative journalism on vested interests affecting public health, Kaiser Health News delivers. This nonprofit newsroom digs deep into issues like drug pricing, racial disparities, and health tech.

KHN reporting brings transparency and accountability to influential players in healthcare, from insurers to pharma companies. The site stands out for not just surface-level news but probing explanations of root causes behind health system dysfunctions.


While not a news source, SG2 provides vital intelligence for hospitals and health systems. This firm’s interactive tools and models empower clients to maximize day-to-day efficiency and plan for the future.

SG2’s guidance helps healthcare leaders make the right moves to improve patient access, minimize costs, and drive growth. Users can leverage analytics tailored for every level, from strategic planning to facility operations.

Stay Informed with Authoritative Medical News

The medical news sites featured here provide you with accurate, timely information. Bookmarking these recommended resources will help ensure you always have quality health journalism and research a click away.

With an abundance of misinformation circulating, trusting medical news sites with editorial rigour and integrity matters more than ever. The outlets highlighted in this guide offer deeply researched reporting, expert perspectives, and user-friendly education to meet the diverse needs of today’s savvy health information consumers.