Does Beer Increase Estrogen In Men? Science Explained!

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November 26, 2023

Dr. Ben Isaacson

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Dr. Ben Isaacson

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Does Beer Increase Estrogen Science Explained !

Sitting in a bar and gulping pints of beer has become a societal norm, especially for men. Whether it is your favourite cold beverage for game day or you want to grab the attention of some ladies. It is crucial you are aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Most men are worried that beer can actually lower testosterone levels. Chances are it can boost female traits in your body, including “moobs” or man boobs. Even health experts promote non-alcoholic drinking habits to indirectly boost T levels. So, should you or should not ditch this drink completely must be fostering your curiosity.

Recent studies reveal that certain compounds in beer and alcohol act like estrogen in the body. What’s less understood is whether drinking substantially increases estrogen levels and feminine traits in men. While research shows mixed impacts on hormones from light drinking, heavy long-term intake may lift estrogen and lower testosterone.

This article analyzes multiple investigations into whether beer increases estrogen in men. We have specifically researched the available scientific journals if the findings demonstrate a significant estrogen surge that transforms male hormonal profiles. Let’s explore this in detail below.

Important Things To Note
  • Casually drinking suds on the weekends will not dramatically boost estrogen levels in your body.
  • Alcohol abuse develops female traits or so-called man boobs in a male body.
  • Beer has feminizing effects due to its powerful composition containing phytoestrogens.
  • Prolactin, a polypeptide hormone found in beer, can stimulate breast milk production in both men and women.

What Goes Into Making Of Beer

Does Beer Increase Estrogen What Goes Into Making Of Beer

Before we get the idea of how beer can cause you to grow larger breasts. Let’s understand how beer, or any alcohol, per se, is made. We will be specifically discussing the estrogen-boosting ingredients that go into producing beer.

The explanation backtracks to a study conducted by two Australian chemists in 1951. They realized that alcoholic beverages are made from plants that contain estrogenlike compounds – phytoestrogens. In the same year, two German scientists concluded that hops, a bittering agent used in beer-making since the ninth century, have high estrogenic activities. Later, they terminated this idea thinking tiny amounts of this compound in beer will not have powerful feminizing effects. However, in 1999, after decades of studying hops, researchers discovered the most potent phytoestrogen present in the plants, called 8-prenylnaringenin.

All alcohol, including beer uses the female flowers of hop plants as a flavouring and preservative agent. It concludes that beer has estrogenic activity. Apart from that, Judith S. Gavaler, a Ph.D. researcher explored that barley, rice, corn, and hops, all have phytoestrogens. Not surprisingly, these are the most common ingredients used to make an alcoholic beverage.

Science Further Backed These Findings

Guys, we have got some unfavourable news – Scientific evidence correlates beer with higher levels of estrogen. You will literally find many studies and research papers addressing how these tasty hops can boost feminizing effects in the male’s body.

In another study, some other compounds present in beer are known as great food sources for female sex hormones. Furthermore, alcohol, especially beer constitutes prolactin, another estrogen-like behaving hormone. Studies have proven beer stimulates the secretion of prolactin, which may boost breast milk production and nipple discharge in men as well as non-lactating women.

Another team of researchers concluded that feminizing is a common phenomenon in excessive beer-drinking men having advanced liver disease. In those cirrhotic men, weak androgens substantially get converted into estrogen, especially in the liver.

Besides all these allegations, how estrogen-like compounds in beer change hormonal levels in men still needs to be confirmed through further clinical trials.

Added Calories Through Beer Increases Weight: A Common Cause For Lower T In Men

Calories Through Beer Increases Weight A Common Cause For Lower T In Men

One truth that is unhidden is the “classic beer belly”. Overconsumption of beer or alcohol can drastically increase your calorie intake and may cause fat to accumulate in your body and vital organs.

Many men who abuse alcohol are the victims of obesity. In fact, there is ample proof that obesity can lower testosterone levels in men. Therefore, blaming beer alone for your low T does not serve justice. It’s how much you are drinking matters a lot.

Final Conclusion

One beer will not dangerously boost your estrogen levels. Realistically, you have to drown yourself completely in the booze before you start to witness any feminizing effects. All the above-mentioned studies also focus on the long-term consumption of beer or any alcohol.

Speaking of the amount of hop content in an average beer, it is considerably low to give you man boobs in just one drink. But, this doesn’t mean, you are completely safe. Because no matter how much you drink, there is evidence that chronic beer misuse increases estrogen and lowers testosterone.

We would suggest not boycotting your favourite beverage but also not overlooking your alcohol consumption. As always, moderation is the key, this will also keep your weight in control.