Does Raw Onion Increase Testosterone? Know Science

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December 9, 2023

Dr. Ben Isaacson

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Does Raw Onion Increase Testosterone

Raw onions are a great source of minerals, fibre, and vitamins. By estimate, many people consume roughly 20 pounds of raw or cooked onion yearly due to its numerous health benefits. This high consumption is attributed to the nutrient-rich composition of onions, which includes antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Recently, the relationship between testosterone and onion has gained immense popularity. And people are unknowingly following the trend whether they like the raw onion’s taste or not.

Onions are a beloved ingredient in many cuisines, enhancing flavour and providing health benefits even when eaten raw despite bringing tears to the eyes. Numerous scientific studies have examined the impacts of onion consumption on health markers like testosterone levels.

Our research into the peer-reviewed literature has uncovered significant evidence that eating onions can influence testosterone concentrations in various populations. The intricacies of this relationship are elucidated in detail below.

Key Takeaways
  • Studies have shown that ingesting fresh onion juice increases testosterone and ejaculation in male rats.
  • Raw onions positively impact testosterone production albeit indirectly.
  • The antioxidants in onion can increase sperm count and improve hormone levels in men.
  • Onion is loaded with essential nutrients to help you improve your overall health.

The Link Between Raw Onion And Testosterone Explained

Raw Onion With Other Testosterone-Boosting Factors

Should you or shouldn’t consume this stinking yet delicious root vegetable to boost your testosterone is a question of doubt. We have examined various studies published by reputed journals but these research experimentations have made us even more skeptical.

One of the most-liked studies has cited that onions do enhance testosterone levels but indirectly. Although most trials were performed in vivo utilizing male rat models, only a single trial was conducted on healthy men.

In the research, distinct rat populations were given either raw onion or onion derivatives in different dosages for varied durations. All of them showed a positive effect on testosterone. One group of healthy men consumed 30 mg per day of onion extracts consisting of concentrated cysteine sulfoxides for 14 days. The results showed positive effects on their testosterone levels. Overall, the research displayed concrete evidence that both onion extracts and raw onions boost testosterone in male rats and healthy men

The mechanisms by which onions can improve the production of testosterone in your body are:

  • By boosting luteinizing hormone production.
  • By promoting your body’s antioxidant defence mechanisms.
  • By neutralizing free radical damages in your body.
  • By enhancing your body’s insulin resistance.
  • By altering activated protein kinase activities in your body.
  • By improving the production of nitric oxide in your body.

Researchers suggest that these mechanisms come into action with consuming raw onion or extract due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and aphrodisiac properties. However, much research is needed to prove its effects on humans through clinical trials.

Combining Raw Onion With Other Testosterone Boosting Factors

Raw onion alone can’t improve testosterone production in your body. Period. Except for the fact that it has a mild influence on your body’s ability to produce Leydig cells, nitric oxide, and luteinizing hormones. Together, they play an essential role in improving your total and free testosterone.

Medical professionals also suggest relying just on raw onions is not a potent solution to boost your low Testosterone levels. Moreover, you should include the following healthy habits into your lifestyle along with onion consumption to get the desired effect:

  • Studies show that stress can negatively affect testosterone. Participate in various cardiovascular exercises to help your body release endorphin hormones. It can help you enhance your testosterone production naturally by reducing stress levels.
  • Your testosterone levels may rise if you introduce certain foods in your healthy diet.
  • In case you need additional support in boosting low Testosterone consider adding effective supplementation with exercise and diet.

We understand that you are stressed about having lower testosterone or are constantly indulging in activities to give your Testosterone an effective boost. Hence, it is even more essential to consult your healthcare professional to understand the ideal levels of testosterone your body should have.

Raw Onion Potential Benefits

Raw Onion Potential Benefits

Besides mildly affecting your testosterone levels, raw onions have multiple other health benefits. Thanks to its nutrient-rich composition which includes minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Raw onion is clinically proven to help you keep steady blood sugar levels in your body. If you are diabetic, then add onions to your diet as they contain flavonoids to help regulate your blood glucose.

Improves Digestive Health

The rich fibre and probiotic content in the raw onion make it an excellent vegetable to improve your digestive health.

Final Thoughts

Raw onion can indirectly raise your testosterone levels by supporting 6 major mechanisms needed for the optimal production of your testosterone. More clinical trials will suggest its direct impact on T-levels.

You can add white, yellow, or red onions to your diet, preferably in moderate amounts, to positively impact your overall health. We also suggest adding a nutrient-rich diet, exercise, and a good-quality testosterone booster to your lifestyle to increase the production of testosterone.

Finally, be aware that consuming onion in excess can cause major side effects. It’s better to take advice from your healthcare professional first.