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Welcoming the first WHO strategy on research for health

The Global Forum welcomes WHO’s first comprehensive strategy on research for health and looks forward to its implementation. It also welcomes its WHA Resolution 63.2 on WHO’s role and responsibilities in health research.

The Global Forum has always believed that knowledge and evidence, derived from research, should inform every function of WHO, including the establishment of norms and standards, promoting evidence-based policies and monitoring the health status of populations.

We have had our role in championing the term “research for health” which reflects the fact that improving health outcomes requires the involvement of many sectors of society. Article 15 of the strategy mentions the Global Forum’s belief that research “ contributes to understanding the impact on policies, programmes … to assist in developing interventions… to contribute to the achievement of the MDGs, health equity and better health for all”

The Global Forum was involved in an important process of consultation relating to the strategy and looks forward to working with WHO during its implementation.


Research for Health Strategy
WHA resolution A63_R21