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Investments in R&D for health


Data on investments in R&D for health are indicators of current research priorities, overlaps, gaps and trends. As efforts to address the health needs of poor populations are evolving, it is vital to regularly track these investments to make sure they are used better: in more efficient, effective and equitable ways.

Yet, as a result of inadequate statistical systems, limited information is available on the details of how much is being invested on research in low- and middle-income countries in relation to specific diseases, conditions, determinants, geographical regions or population groups.

What the Global Forum does

The Global Forum is the only organization that regularly tracks and reports on the world's investments in R&D for health. To do so, it has developed a sophisticated estimation methodology.

Its reports show that despite the global increase in investments in R&D for health, many areas of research benefiting the health of poor populations remain severely underfunded and, therefore, underresearched.

In 2008, the Global Forum has been introducing a "Report Card" on global efforts relevant to R&D for health, which will regularly review targets, commitments and aspirations relating to resources for development, health, research and health research and assess progress towards their implementation.

The Global Forum will continue to advocate for strengthening statistical systems in low- and middle-income countries to enable better tracking of investments in research for health and the impacts of these investments.