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Going for a TB revolution: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeks comments

(27 January 06)

>from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Even before announcing tripling its TB research funding (see news), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation anticipated spending up to US$ 40 million over the next two years [2006-7] on research to accelerate the discovery of new drugs for treating tuberculosis, by stimulating new approaches aimed at finding a faster cure. Wider comments were being sought on a draft strategic plan, which identifies the challenges to be overcome and the priority areas for investment.

Extensive consultation with the academic community and drug developers in the pharmaceutical and the biotechnology industries, as well as the not-for-profit sectors, has led the foundation to conclude that to transform the TB drug discovery landscape investment will be required in five areas:

- Reassessing the evidence for what we “know”
- Understanding the biology of TB
- Improving screening and lead identification
- Creating new tools to evaluate drug candidates
- Integrating research and product development

The strategic plan details the recommended studies. Comments were requested by 3 March.




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